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1 2002 (Viña del Mar, Chile) - Does ENSO induce changes in recruitment of horse mackerel (Trachurus symmetricus) and in the long-term trend of the trophic level of fishery landings in Central Chile?.
2 2002 (Swakopmund, Nambia) - The demersal fish assemblage of Namibia and Central Chile: A comparative analysis of ontogenetic ecological units.
3 2002 (Swakopmund, Nambia) - Modelling the effects of fishing in the Central Chile marine ecosystem.
4 2002 (Swakopmund, Nambia) - Comparing community structure and ecosystem attributes in the Central Chile marine ecosystem with those in other upwelling ecosystems.
5 2002 (Valdivia, Chile) - Modelación el impacto de la pesquería en el ecosistema marino de Chile central.
6 2002 (Valdivia, Chile) - Asosiaciones ícticas demersales de Namibia y Chile central: un análisis comparativo de unidades ontogenéticas tróficas.
7 2002 (Valdivia, Chile) - Estructura comunitaria del ecosistema marino de Chile central y su comparación con otros ecosistemas de surgencia.
8 2000 (Apia, Samoa) - Towards an integrated coastal conservation and sustainable human development of the Biosphere Reserve of Juan Fernández Islands. 2nd ASPACO Meeting "People and Places: Pacific Islands Approaches to Integrate Coastal Conservation and S
9 2000 (Galapagos Islands) - Long-term analysis of the trophic level in Central Chile (33ºS- 39ºS), and their impact on the most important fishery resources.
10 2000 (Galapagos Islands) - Analysis of trophic interactions and of the marine ecosystem structure off Central Chile (33ºS- 39ºS), in the years 1992 and 1998.

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